Keranique Free Trial now available through selected retail outlets and websites only!

The products for hair loss seem to flood the market, but the line of Keranique hair care products has the effectiveness and comprehensive solution for various types of hair loss and thinning hair situations.

Through the specially formulated products in the Keranique system, you will experience better and fuller hair like never before! Take a look at the Keranique family of products:

  •    Start with the Keranique shampoo – this product cleanses the hair thoroughly yet gently with its enriched hydrolyzed keratin, antioxidants, and vitamins that nourish the hair while detangling and helping to control frizz.
  •    Special hair rejuvenating system that includes the ONLY FDA approved ingredient designed to re-grow hair.  Thinning hair and bald areas can see actual improvements and hair re-growth when using the Keranique hair rejuvenating system step!*
  •    If you have hair that you want to appear thicker and fuller, use the follicle boosting serum. The serum will help restore your confidence in your hair by giving it a fuller, thicker look while building volume and healthy shine.*
  •    Next the voluminizing conditioner is designed to give hair ultimate volume, shine and softness.  Also the conditioner acts as a protector for your hair against humidity as well as heat damage from styling products such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow driers.
  •    Finally the Keranique fortifying mousse controls your hair, making it much easier to hold any style while providing a shine and fullness to your look.

*Do NOT use both the Minoxidil and Serum together. Once you pick which product is best for you hair type call our Product Specialist and have them customize your kit for you!

You’ve heard about the Keranique RISK-Free Trial Offer… why not give it a try?

Many people may be skeptical about the Keranique system, and are not sure that it is the right solution for them.  With this special RISK-FREE TRIAL OFFER, you can give the Keranique system a try and find out for yourself how your hair can be transformed and more beautiful than ever before! All it takes is payment of shipping and handling today! Say goodbye to limp, lifeless hair!

How do I take advantage of the Keranique risk-free trial?

The Keranique risk-free trial is available at its official website!  Simply click to place your RISK-FREE TRIAL order and only pay for shipping and handling for the Keranique COMPLETE family of hair care products. !  Give Keranique a try by placing your order NOW!

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