Keranique Hair Care Products ANNOUNCED

Just announced – the Keranique hair rejuvenating system is now available in the United States and Canadian markets – available ONLY through authorized websites and select retail outlets stocking revolutionary products for hair care!

The complete hair rejuvenating system offered in the Keranique program is specially formulated to identify and improve the appearance of your hair through the use of each of the scientifically formulated steps.  You will definitely notice the difference in your hair with the use of the Keranique hair products!

  •     The revitalizing shampoo brings thinning hair a new chance for a thicker and fuller look. The shampoo is designed to improve your hair’s luster, texture, and smoothness.
  •     The unique voluminizing conditioner restores the appearance of damaged hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as extreme heat damage from styling equipment such as curling irons or blow driers.
  •     The specialized hair care system is included to help revitalize hair follicles and re-grow hair through its special FDA approved Minoxidil Solution.
  •     The follicle boosting serum to improve the appearance of hair thickness while giving you healthy looking hair
  •     The fortifying mousse that gets hard to control hair the much needed manageability to bring out the best styling available!

*Do NOT use both the Minoxidil and Serum together. Once you pick which product is best for you hair type call our Product Specialist and have them customize your kit for you!

Common Hair Problems SOLVED with Keranique!

If you experience any of these hair related issues, then the Keranique hair careproducts program is FOR YOU:

  • Thinning hair around the temples, top of head, crown of head area, or other areas of the scalp
  • Damaged hair from too much sun
  • Damaged hair from the use of curling irons, flat irons, or blow driers
  • Unmanageable hair that cannot be styled
  • Hair that does not hold a style easily
  • Shampoos or other products that do not help your hair
  • Unhealthy looking hair
  • Dull, lifeless looking hair that does not shine

The Keranique family of hair care products was designed by clinical scientists who focused on these specific hair related problems and determined that a group of products that targets these issues specifically is the best choice for all hair types. Keranique is the hair care product of choice for thousands of customers – and now it is available for YOU to see for yourself!

Try the Keranique Hair Care Products Plan Through This Special TRIAL OFFER!

ORDER NOW  or call @ 1-800-483-3657 to receive a RISK-FREE TRIAL of the COMPLETE hair rejuvenating system – all five products – and pay only shipping and handling!  ORDER TODAY!

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